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PACE is a modern, graphically interactive development system for system modeling and system simulation proven over nearly two decades. PACE uses the advanced technology of IBE GmbH on the basis of Petri nets, so-called "Attributed Petri Nets," which has proved itself in numerous applications. It allows easily learnable and detailed modeling and simulation of event-oriented, parallel, discrete processes. Most complex processes like production processes, logistics processes and arbitrary business processes can be modeled, simulated and optimized with PACE due to its unique and flexible modeling capabilities. Well-known manufacturers and large scientific facilities employ PACE, among other things in production control and optimization, logistics/storage technology, factory planning, production planning, business engineering and reengineering, processor modeling, online disposition, traffic and urban planning, airport luggage distribution, test environment for real time programs, safety critical systems, military technology, etc.

Problem definitions from these and further application areas can be analyzed, modeled, visualized, simulated and optimized with a comparatively low time expenditure. By means of the simulation, which can easily incorporate a functional copy of the environment, it is, among other things, possible to investigate general feasibility and response times, and to uncover system bottlenecks or functional faults by experiments with the simulation system without influencing the execution of the real system.

  • Technology on the basis of attributed Petri nets proven internationally over 15 years in research and industry

  • Simulation of arbitrarily complex processes

  • Automatic process optimization

  • Analysis of weak points in process chains

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