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This demo model simulates the control flow for the double coating of metal sheets which are arranged on conveyors in the 7 production positions of a paint plant. The painting process itself consists of 9 sub-steps (not counting the loading and unloading of the conveyors).

This demonstration model illustrates how the painting process can be represented in PACE. The demo shows the number of conveyors in the different positions of the plant during the production process and the use of the heating system. Since individual positions of the plant are used several times during the painting process, the plant flow can become blocked if an unfavorable choice of parameters has been selected (e.g., too many carriers). The throughput can be optimized by a suitable choice of parameters.

At first the flash video shows the simulation with high speed in so-called batch simulation mode. Then it changes to animation mode and one sees the single steps in the net window. If you'd like to work with the model yourself and study its operation in more detail, you can request a free installation of the work version of the model with the "Pace demo systems" menu item. IBE customers can access the development version of the models by selecting the "Support for our customers" menu point.

Bitte installieren Sie den Adobe Flash Player

The window "Painting plant" shows the topmost level of the painting model. The movement of the carriers can be followed in that window, in the so-called animation mode.

The Multiple Bar Gauge "Occupancy of the Positions" shows the number of carriers in the different positions during the simulation.

The other four Bar Gauges are for adjusting simulation parameters. The production times are adjusted in the "Processing Times" Bar Gauge, and define the durations for the remainder of the carriers in the different positions of the plant.

The priority of the transports between the different positions of the plant can be set in the "Transport Priorities" Bar Gauge. These parameters are important if several transports can be carried out at the same time. The higher the Priority Number, the smaller is the priority of the transport. With the Bar Gauge "Insert Times" the times for loading and unloading the conveyors can be adjusted. The Bar Gauge "Number of CC" gives the maximal number of carriers which can be in the painting queue at one time.

The instrument "Use of the Heating System" shows the % rate of the time the heating system is switched on.

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