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Added Value of Simulation Models

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Decisions on a company's further course of action are very often derived from flow charts or from spreadsheets which are not very suitable for the representation of processes and their synchronizations. Experience shows that such a more static approach can be successful only conditionally, since planning and realization frequently differ from each other substantially. This also can be seen by the following analogy: If, at the examination of a patient, only the description of the human body were taken into account, then no proper diagnosis could be made in most cases. To obtain a satisfactory diagnosis of a patient's condition, the so-called dynamic values which parameterize the processes and their interplay (e.g., current blood values, blood pressure, the ECG) are necessary.

With business processes we have a quite similar situation. Here, too, only the dynamic data and the consequences derived from them make a realistic judgment and improvement of the processes possible. But since the processes are substantially more transparent than the biological processes in the above analogy, it is possible with a suitable tool and with sensible effort to make an exact computer model of the process landscape with which the processes and their synchronization can be represented, visualized, calculated and optimized. Such exact models with which one can improve the processes are necessary if one wants to obtain qualified statements which help to take the right decisions at upcoming organizational requests. In this, the real added value of simulation models can be seen.

For the application of simulation techniques the visual simulator development and execution system PACE was developed with which realistic and exact simulation systems for commercial, logistical and technical applications can be developed efficiently. PACE is a comprehensive professional simulation tool which has been successfully employed in administration, research, industry and education at well-known companies and institutions since the nineties.

PACE makes the modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization of commercial, logistical and technical processes possible down to every desired depth in a comfortable graphic tool environment.


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