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Modeling in PACE is carried out with the semigraphical programming language MSL (Modeling and Simulation Language). With MSL the process paths, which are the paths on which the simulation objects (documents, workpieces, etc.) move, are drawn with a comfortable graphical net editor. Every path consists of a number of network nodes, to which program texts, so-called inscriptions, are appended. These determine the direction and processing of the simulation objects during the simulation. Parts of nets can be combined into modules or components which represent further application-oriented network nodes.

For the programming of inscriptions a large number of methods and procedures are available. Among others, they include:

  • Methods for standard input/output and file management
  • Methods for graphical input/output of model parameters
  • Extensive statistical and mathematical libraries (library of distribution functions, mathematical functions, matrices, etc.)
  • Fuzzy technology for vague objects and connections
  • Mathematical optimization methods (Hill Climbing, simplex, genetic methods, etc..)

Example: A street to which a car wash is attached:

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